The Ultimate Wildlife Photography Workshop (One-to-One)



In the “The Ultimate Wildlife Photography Workshop” you will learn all the basic and intermediate techniques of nature photography, including more technical stuff but also field techniques that will help you find and approach your subjects.
The workshop is private (one-to-one or small private groups) and will take place over 4 days, whenever you want. You can choose 4 days in a row or 4 separate days according to your availability.
The duration and content of the oral classes are adjusted to the level of knowledge of the participant. The information presented in this page is the program for beginners in nature photography, but this course can be adapted to intermediate level. For more information contact me.


4 Days

Max 4 people


Beginners to Intermediates

Day 1

The first day will be an introduction to the course. During the morning you will learn how to use your camera in manual mode and to get the most out of the available light and composition techniques.
In the afternoon, we go out to the field, to Poço Negro (Black Well), where you will consolidate the knowledge obtained during the morning and also to learn other important techniques you should know when photographing animals. I go to Poço Negro frequently to photograph nature. It is characterized by the presence of mountain rivers and small streams, associated to a beautiful riparian forest where it is possible to observe various iconic animal species of Portugal, such as the Iberian frog, the red fox, the red squirrel, the water lizard, woodpeckers and many more.

Day 2

On the second day we will photograph birds in flight at the Porto City Park, which is the ideal place to learn how to successfully use your camera’s autofocus (AF) system and to photograph in situations where animals move quickly.
Porto City Park is an important urban green area for many species of birds, such as coots, grebes, cormorants, herons, among others. Learning how to use the autofocus system is not as simple as it may seem, especially when dealing with animals that move very fast, so the big number of birds that is normally present in this place and the fact that these animals are not afraid of humans, are very important aspects, once they allow you to intensively practice these important aspects of wildlife photography.

Day 3 and 4

On day 3 and 4 we will shoot in one of my favorite places ever, Serra da Freita. In addition to stunning landscapes, Serra da Freita is also characterized by its incredible biodiversity. During these two days we will cover more photography related techniques and consolidate the knowledge already learned. In addition, field techniques will be also discussed, such as on how to read the signs of the presence of the most varied species of animals and on how to approach them, which is essential knowledge for any wildlife photographer. During this period you will also learn how to build a photography hide, to increase our chances of getting close to the most sensitive species.

What Will Be Covered

– Gear needed for nature photography;
– Importance and types of light;
– Shooting in manual mode (shutter speed, aperture and ISO);
– Other semi-automatic modes;
– The histograms;
– Light metering modes;
– Exposure compensation;
– Composition in detail;
– How to get maximum detail in your images;
– How to make the most of the camera’s autofocus in action situations;
– How to find and monitor fauna;
– Techniques for approaching fauna;
– Macro photography;
– How to prepare a photographic expedition;
– Among other topics.

Note: These topics can be adapted to the level of knowledge of each participant. That is, it is possible to replace the more basic topics by something more advanced for more experienced participants.


1 Person

425 /Person

2 People

300 /Person

3-4 People

260 /Person

Where It Will Take Place

The workshop will be yield in three different places. 

Black Well (Day 1)

Porto City Park (Day 2)

Serra da Freita (Day 3 & 4)


How to Book the Workshop
Click “Book Workshop” and you will be taken to the contact page. Then send me an email with the date you wish to do the workshop and with the group size.

The workshop is available all year round, but contact me to schedule a specific date and time of the day.

The original route of the workshop can be changed according to your preferences. Just make sure to mention the places you want to visit in the email.

Cancellation Policy
You will receive a full refund if you cancel the workshop at least 10 days before the first day of the workshop. After that, no refund will be done.

More Info
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Reviews (Airbnb)


January 2020

Daniel is an excellent photography teacher. Highly recommend this experience. I’m a beginner photographer and Daniel really helped me with understanding my camera and composing my shots. He picked a beautiful spot in Porto for our experience. I had a great time learning photography and getting to know Daniel.


November 2019

Amazing experience! Daniel was very flexible, especially since the weather was not that good that week. We started in the early morning where we take a casual walk to Explore the Park. Daniel gave a lot of tips on compostion how to frame the landscape. If you’re a beginner Daniel can learn you in details the needed basic skills to Improve you Photography. I highly recommend this experience!


October 2020

Such a fun and memorable experience! Daniel is very knowledgeable both in photography and the flora & fauna found in the enormous park. The sites he chose to visit were marvelous and stunning, filled with different species of birds, trees, and plants, and provided great opportunities for taking photos. Daniel was also very patient and helpful as he taught me different techniques that are useful in nature photography. Highly recommend!


October 2020

Daniel is a talented and award-winning photographer and a conservation biologist. He inspired me to take photographs I don't normally take. Animals, such as birds, are not usually my favorite subject. But I found that it was a great experience capturing wild animals and look forward to continuing to do more. I give him a 10/10. Excellent experience for a photographer of any level. This photo session brought me to the City Park of Porto. I would never have seen it even though it is immense and beautiful and I didn't see any tourists there. Runners, bicycles, walkers all enjoy this uncrowded and amazingly preserved outdoor space. It stretches down to a beautiful Atlantic Ocean beach. Not to be missed experience for the active nature photographer.


July 2019

The tour was very interesting, to see the diversity of the local bird-fauna, since my greatest interest was the birds of the place. Guided by Daniel Santos, an excellent guide from the Porto/Portugal Region, a biologist and an expert on the local fauna, he pointed out several species. Then I discovered he is an excellent photographer on his Facebook profile and on his website: www.danielsantosphoto.com. Anyway, I believe I know have another friend in the Old World. To Brazilian birders friends who want to go for a walk in Portugal I recommend it!


March 2019

I had a really nice morning with Daniel. He explained and showed everything very well and he is very passionate about his work. He had lots of different ideas and other perspectives on things and I learned a lot.