I’m available for all kinds of video and photographic jobs related to nature. Whether you need documenting a nature conservation project or scientific research, or whether you need images/videos for magazine articles, or even specifically thought for your business, please feel free to contact me for more information.

Nature photography articles

I’m experienced in writing articles related to photography and nature. I’ve published in several portuguese and international magazines and blogs. You can access to my blog to see some examples of what I’ve been doing.  Feel free to contact me with any queries.

photography workshops

I offer wide range of workshops, from online to one to one and group workshops. However, I also host workshops for other people, associations and companies. My photography courses are dynamic and customizable to match your needs and expectations, always with the guarantee that the participants have all the attention they need.
If you are interested to make a photography workshop for an event or to promote you brand, feel free to contact me.


One of the things I enjoy the most is to talk about nature conservation and photography. My presentations generally explore the environmental problems and the threats to biodiversity, as well as the stories behind my images. I’m also available for creating and preparing photography exhibitions and other type of events.
The specific theme of both presentations and exhibitions can be adapted to the preferences of the client.

Some of the brands I worked with