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From December 11 to December 13, 2020


This 3-day expedition will take you through one of the most beautiful mountain ranges of Portugal. The Peneda-Gerês National Park is a region of tremendous beauty, with breathtaking landscapes and well preserved habitats, where biodiversity thrives.

If you are a beginner and if you don't know how to use your camera in manual mode, please let me know after you book the expedition. We can schedule a video call to teach you the basics of photography, so that at the time of the expedition you'll have the necessary basic knowledge. During this expedition you will learn various landscape and wildlife photography techniques. If you are already an experienced photographer, we'll discuss more advanced techniques.  All this while I guide you through amazing rugged rocky mountains, crystal clear rivers with incredible waterfalls and magical pristine forests full of wildlife.

At the end you’ll have beautiful images of unique landscapes and hopefully of emblematic animals. The workshop is ideal not only for beginners, who seek to improve their work, but also for experienced photographers looking for someone to guide them through the beautiful Portuguese nature.

Day 1: Under The Stars, Surrounded By Nature

All the participants should arrive in the morning at our "base camp", the Parque Cerdeira, where we'll be staying and eating during the 3 days.

After a convivial lunch it’s time for a briefing, where I’ll explain the scheduled activities for each day and I’ll give you some other useful information. 

Before the sun sets, we’ll scout the area around Vilarinho das Furnas lagoon and prepare everything for the night session. Knowing how to scout an area and prepare the image beforehand is a very important skill, because it definitely makes a huge difference in your work. After dinner we go out again to photograph the wonderful mountains and night sky, while we listen to the relaxing sounds of nature.

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Day 2: In the land of wolves and wild goats

For the second day it’s programmed not only more landscape photography, but also a lot of wildlife photography. This day is reserved for one of my favourite hikes ever, the Carris hiking trail. We are going to start in the morning because we have some distance to cover, about 13 km. This region is so beautiful and biodiverse; hopefully we will see a lot of wildlife, including raptors, the iconic Iberian ibex and the Iberian wolf. These two last species are not easy to observe, especially the wolf is quite inconspicuous, but there's always some probability of photographing or seeing them. We will walk at a slow pace to avoid spooking any animal and we will stop often to look for them, that’s why we need all day.

At the sunset, we still have time to photograph the imposing landscape that follows us throughout the hike and if conditions are favourable expect great photos of this place. After that we go back to the base camp to have dinner and rest for the next day.

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Day 3: Ancient forests and stunning waterfalls

During the morning we are going to visit the oldest forest of the country, the perfect place for woodland and wildlife photography. This place is absolutely magical and this trip wouldn’t be completed without visiting it. The forest is home to squirrels, many species of amphibians, roe deer, wild boar, reptiles as the water lizard, foxes, woodpeckers, the Portuguese wild horse and many more. Here you can expect beautiful mountain rivers with gorgeous waterfalls, great for long exposure photography.

After lunch we are going to do a critique of the photos we have taken during the 3 days, to analyse which aspects can be improved.

Finally, as a farewell, before sunset we will photograph another extraordinary landscape, that few people have the opportunity to see.

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The following topics and techniques will be covered in this workshop.

Landscape Photography

- The importance of studying the landscape;

- How to deal with high dynamic range;

- Composition techniques;

- Understanding depth of field;

- Focus stacking and landscape photography;

- How to get tack sharp images;

- The importance of the shutter speed.

Wildlife Photography

- How to find and deal with wildlife;

- Approach Techniques;

- Composition techniques;

- The importance of knowing well your camera;

- How to get tack sharp images of animals;

- The importance of telling a story;

- The importance of the shutter speed.


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- You will be full refunded if you cancel your booking until September 30, 2020. From that date until October 20, 2020, 50% of the amount will be refunded. After the 20th, refunding is not possible.

- The participants should be able to walk distances of 15 km with their photography equipment.

- Although I'm an experienced wildlife biologist, I cannot guarantee we are going to see or photograph a certain species, but I'll do my best to increase our chances.

- If the weather conditions are really bad (heavy rain and poor visibility), the schedule and places to visit might need to be changed.

- The workshop may be cancelled if the minimum number of participants is not reached, or if weather conditions make impossible proceeding with the workshop, or even due to the situation of COVID-19 at the time of the event. In this case all participants will be fully refunded.

Our "base camp", Parque Cerdeira, is right in the heart of the National Park and it is surrounded by mountains and oak forests. It is recommendable to stay at Parque Cerdeira, where you will have all the conditions and where all hygiene rules, including those of COVID-19, are met. If you would like to know more about Parque Cerdeira, please click here.

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