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A Trip to Discover One of Europe's Wildest Places

A mysterious country, full of stories and macabre myths that have endured for centuries, where the European brown bear still roams the mountains full of enchanting forests.

The tires hit the ground and we finally arrived to Hungarian lands after an uncomfortable trip. We stretch our legs and quickly rush to what would be our house for the night, right in the centre of the capital. (...)

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Photography Adventure With Juan Carlos Muñoz

I was checking my social media when a post caught my attention. Rewilding Portugal is offering an experience for two days to follow the nature photographer Juan Carlos Muñoz in a photo mission? – I thought! I’ve been following Juan Carlos work for some time and he’s been a reference to me. This would be a unique opportunity, not only to get to know him and learn new stuff related to photography  (...)

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An Epic Photo Trip To The Pyrenees

The Pyrenees are known by the steep mountains and by the landscapes full of gorgeous forests rich in biodiversity. Nothing inspires me more to travel than photography and the possibility to explore new habitats and species, so I couldn’t finish this adventure without, at least, try to capture the incredible landscapes and the local fauna. (...)

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The Giant

In the north of Portugal there is a set of mountains known as “Serra da Freita”. These mountains are part of Arouca Geopark, known for its exceptional geological heritage of international relevance. Among all geological attractions, the giant trilobites of Canelas, the “Pedras Parideiras da Castanheira” and the ichnofossils of the Paiva valley stand out. (...)

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