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The most important to me is customer satisfaction, therefore I will make sure all your requirements are attended. Having that in mind, I present a personalized service and excellent value for money, always considering your needs. Although all my work has my creative touch, it is very important to me to listen what you have to say and take into account what you want, so that the final result is the expected.

As you may know, good images are essential to advertise your brand and I’m confident I can help you with that.


I'm available for all kind of photographic jobs related to nature. If you need stunning images specifically thought for your business (e.g. nature or adventure tourism), to document your scientific work, or if you need photos for magazine/newspaper articles, please feel free to contact me for more information.

I’m experienced photographing all nature subjects, from fauna and flora to landscapes. My approach is always to get unique and beautiful images, looking beyond the obvious, searching for new and creative perspectives to capture emotion.


Beyond nature, I also photograph sports events. I will make sure that all the great moments of your event are captured. I’m also available for photoshoots of athletes and for businesses related to sports, as sports/adventure tourism. As I stated before I always try to go for a creative approach, searching for new and creative perspectives to capture emotion and action.

Nature Photography Talks and Workshops

Nature Photography Talks

One of the things I enjoy the most is to talk about my work and about nature. My presentations generally address these two topics together, exploring the environmental problems, the threats to biodiversity and the ecology of species, as well as the stories behind my images.

The specific theme can be adapted to the preferences of the client.

I'm experienced in oral presentations, since during my scientific academic education I was always being evaluated in that regard and even nowadays I'm still exposing my work frequently.


I offer one to one workshops (see more about it here), however I also host workshops for other people, associations and companies. My photography courses are dynamic  and customizable to match your needs, always with the guarantee that the participants have all the attention they need.

If you are interested to make a photography workshop for an event or to promote you brand, feel free to contact me.

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